We started out in the early 2000’s as a rent reporting service. Through the integrations of API micro-services and Data migration we have grown into a hub for credit betterment. With our patented technology we are now offering our Members a seamless service that “Builds Credit On The Go”.


We promise to remain a service that benefits people! Regardless of your income, you can count on Credit Freeway to be honest, affordable and useful. We are dedicated to putting our members first. This means, we don’t offer or endorse products that do not benefit everyone. Our goal is to become a non-profit organization that can offer our data furnishing services at no cost. With your help, we will eventually reach that goal and help put the economy back on on track.


We do a lot in the background to make our products easy to understand and even easier to use. We our network through rigorous testing to make sure that you can reach your financial goals with the least amount of effort possible.

Our Services

Credit Connect

Month after month, year after year we’re all working to pay our bills. The problem is, our faithful payments are not being reported to the credit bureau’s. Credit Connect is the best solution for rent and utility reporting. Next year, when your looking for that new home or car and they check your credit. You’re going to have the advantage. This is the key to lower down payments, better interest rates and more options.


Imagine putting a few dollars into your savings bank account each month and earning points towards your FICO for doing it. iLoan gives our members the option of reflecting the same credit responsibility as any credit credit, home owner or loan recipient. Its a loan you give to yourself and keep in your own savings account.

Retro 24

This product automatically fuses the past two years of your rental history with your credit rating. This has a huge potential for anyone who lives in an apartment or has been renting a house and hasn’t been getting credit for it.


Coming Soon we will offer an API based service that will connect our iLoan savings feature to specialty firms. Which will allow you to gain credit while investing in any kinds of savings plan.

Our Team

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