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Credit Freeways Members are the core of our service. We are the most Affordable, Reliable, Secure, User Friendly and Accurate Data Furnishing Medium in the United States of America. Our monthly membership fee is $11.99 per month and includes all 3 of our services.

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After 3 months of service our members will be charged an annual registration fee of $10.

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Cancellation and Loan Refinance

In order to see optimal results, we ask that you keep your account for at least 3 months. When you sign up it should take about 30 days to start sending your payment history to the credit bureau’s. Then it takes an additional 30-60 days for the credit bureau to update our results. Please keep in mind, this service works best for those who are looking to gain credit over time. Besides the points you receive from the Retro 24 solution, your overall credit growth with be over a period of time. If you need to stop the iLoan or Credit Connect process, you will be charged a one time non refundable $20 cancellation fee. The points you receive from the Retro 24 solution will remain yours.

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Every month you pay for service Credit Freeway will forward your data to the credit bureau’s to be added to your credit rating. If you miss a payment or change bank accounts, you must inform Credit Freeway through our support email and make payment for the months missed in order to ensure that month gets reported. A gap in your payment history will lower the amount of points you receive for that trade line. If you are more then 30 days late, miss payments or cease to pay an account that Credit Freeway is currently reporting, you must contact us so that we can make sure it is closed. This will prevent any further loss of points.

Credit Freeway Inc will charge a registration fee of $10 after rendering 3 months of service. Please be advised this registration fee go towards providing our members with the best credit products available.

If at any time you need to cancel your membership, please be advised there will be a one time $20 cancellation fee applied to the account on file. This fee is incurred to cover any losses of Credit Freeway. The years of back reporting and any credit we have forwarded to the credit bureau on your behalf will continue to stay on your credit report. Which means the retro 24 solution will work for you, even if you sign up and cannot continue after the first payment.

Because of the nature of the services we provide, Credit Freeway will not be able to give any refunds. The services we render go on your credit report and there is no way for us to recover or receive compensation besides what you pay to us. We want to be able to provide healthy and beneficial credit services for our customers, so please keep in mind our entire network when cancelling. This service ultimately helps people and is considerably lower then any other similar service.

Each member will have access to only one iLoan per account in order to be in compliance with State and Federal laws and to avoid credit manipulation of any kind.

We encourage users to make realistic agreements when using our iLoan product. Please do not attempt to save more then you can afford. Create a time frame that you know you can stick to. While the refinance option is available and will show your loan as fulfilled, this program is meant to be of real benefits. Generally a minimum of 2 years of on time payments on a loan or trade line yields the best results.

Be advised, in order for services like Credit Connect, Retro 24 and The iLoan to work properly. You must use the account you signed up with to pay your bills and save money. We cannot monitor your cash transactions. So try to pay your bills online using your bank account or a debit card associated with your bank account.

In order for our Retro 24 solution to work efficiently, please add the account you have used to pay your rent for the past two years. If this is not available, contact our customer support and provide receipts, rental information and we will attempt to add this data to your credit rating manually.

Credit Freeways services will be charged monthly to the account on file. Our membership fee is $11.99 a month (+tax).

If you wish to use multiple accounts on this service you may, please be advised that one membership consists of a checking and a savings account. Any more then one savings or checking account will result in multiple memberships.

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