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Credit Connect uses an API interface to track data itemized in your bank account and then converts that data into credit.
With credit connect, all of your information is encrypted. From bank to bureau your information is secure. This service works for you. Credit Connect isn’t about paying bills, its about getting credit for the bills you pay.

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Main Features

Managed Monthly

Each month we will automatically forward your payment history to the credit bureaus.

Credit Development

If you are currently credit invisible and do not have a credit score. This is the perfect service for you. Let those bills you pay reflect positively on your credit rating or start saving a few dollars a month and raise your score at the same time using our iLoan service. The less bad debt you have the more your positive credits will count.

Payment Optimization

By raising your FICO you reap real benefits like lower interest rates and no down payments. Ultimately saving you time and money.

Data Management

Your data is always protected and is never shared with anyone outside of our network.

Credit Connect

Every month we all pay bills but some of us are raising our credit score while others are just paying.


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