Great tools inspire great ideas. The iLoan by Credit Freeway is the most
natural and unique method of building credit with savings.

No other service has ever provided a tool that allows you to set your own loan amount, terms, lets you keep your money and is compatible with your IRA, 401k, Mutual fund or any other account you save money in.
This is the evolution of credit tracking and reporting.

Main Features


Add points to your FICO by saving money in your own bank account.


You control how much and how long you would like to save.


When you link your savings account to our services by becoming a member, Credit Freeway will monitor your savings account once a month and report it to the credit bureau’s.


By obligating yourself to a set amount of monthly savings, you are putting yourself on the path to financial success. Credit Freeway helps you do this by rewarding you with points towards your credit rating when you continue to meet the goals you established in the terms of the iLoan.

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