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Credit Connect, i-Loan and Retro 24. Each uniquely made to ensure our member’s are building credit on the go.


The most important goal for Credit Freeway is to provide “All U.S. Citizens with Access to High Quality Credit Building Tools at an affordable price“.


Combining basic living expenses and savings techniques, Credit Freeway utilizes your debit transactions to add credit to your FICO score.


There are two simple ways to gain results through our program. The first, is sign up and become a member. The second, use the account you signed up with to do your business.

The future is here

You may not be aware of this but negative credit is automatically removed from your report every seven years. Credit Freeway maximizes your FICO potential by  focusing on positive credit addition, not debt repair. We optimize your credit accuracy by tracking your payed accounts and converting them into credit history.  Bills that you are already paying such as Rent and Utilities add value to your credit rating when they are visible on your credit report. With a simple and easy process, Credit Freeway is the best tool to help you accomplish your financial goals.

Once you become a member, all of our tools will become available to you. You can even build credit just by saving money in your own bank account. Credit Freeway is affordable and a must have for anyone wanting to establish or supplement their credit rating. Whether you are credit invisible or cannot qualify for a credit card, our tools are designed to help you obtain the same credit benefits without the hassle. Become a member and start building credit on the go.. 

Key features

  1. When you become a member and link your bank account to our service, Credit Freeway will automatically add the past 2 years of your rental history to your credit report. This is called our Retro 24 solution. It comes free with your membership. Many people who have used this service experienced an average FICO gain of 40 or more points in just their first month of service.
  2. The next thing our service will do is monitor the account you signed up with for any bill payments that can be reported to the credit bureau’s. Each month your credit history will be updated automatically with your payed bills. This is called Credit Connect and it ensures you continue building credit on the go. 
  3. Our iLoan solution is an optional free service for our members. This is a savings tool that earns you similar points like you would gain with a loan or credit card. The product works by allowing you to set a savings goal and time frame. Each month you will add funds to your own savings account and Credit Freeway will report your monthly savings to the credit bureau’s in the form of a loan payment. This is new version of the credit builder loan offered by our competitors. Unlike our competitors though, Credit Freeway let’s your cash stay in your pockets, instead of holding your money and charging you fee’s. The iLoan is perfect for generating motivation to save and yields the same point value that you would receive with a conventional loan of a similar amount and time structure.  

-Maxine Founder

Credit Freeway has done the impossible for the world of credit and finance. No other company connects all of your savings accounts, bills and bank accounts to the credit bureaus. Its automatic and is priced for any budget. “It would be crazy not use this service”.

What they say

“Professionally precise. Hands down, every credit conscious individual on the planet would agree that this service is like no other.”

John Dublin

“Credit Freeway works with selected Android devices, iPhone, and iPad (iOS 7 and higher). The free app is available to download through the App Store and Google Play. Credit Connect will Monitor to your payments and help your credit”

Ruben Bristian

“I didn’t have a credit card or a mortgage but now I have both.”

Veliana Adolfi

“We have really raised the standards and we will continue to make sure Americans receive the best credit benefits available”

Kissa Aledo

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